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Interesting Facts about Boys

Interesting Facts about Boys

1. 17 weeks into a pregnancy, baby boys can have erections.

2. When boys are 8 or 9 years old, their testicles begin to make sperm for practice. 

3. Males have several erections while they are asleep.

4. The epididymis is a coiled tube that is 6 metres long (tube that stores sperm).

5. Ejaculate is only one spoonful of fluid.

6. Between the ages of twelve and fourteen the scrotum grows bigger and turns a darkish red and the testicles start to produce testosterone, the male sex hormone, which makes the penis grow.

7. Once puberty starts, testicles produce one million sperm per minute, 24 hours a day. 

8. Testicles are kept 4-5 degrees cooler than body temperature.

9. The scrotum is made of special skin that is stretchable and shrinkable.

10. Average size penis is about two inches long when it’s limp and six inches long when erect.

11. Many boys develop breasts during puberty. They need to know that this is normal and that, when their rib cage grows to adult size, those little breasts will spread out and not be so noticeable.

12. It takes boys about three years after the onset of puberty to grow their testicles to adult size.

13. It takes eight to ten years after the onset of puberty to grow their penises to adult size.

14. When an erection occurs, a valve at the mouth ofthe bladder closes off so no urine can escape.

15. Adam’s apple-growth of the larynx.

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