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Interesting Facts About Carrots Part II

Interesting Facts About Carrots Part II

1. Orange carrots were not developed until the 1500s in the Netherlands.

2. Carrots can be white, yellow, orange, red, purple or black! 

3. The root hairs on carrots can extend 2.13-2.44 metre's (7-8 feet) into the soil in search of water and nutrients; beet root hairs travel even deeper.

4. Carrots are biennials, which means that it takes two years for them to produce seeds; in order for carrots to produce seeds in Canada, we have to pull them in the fall, store them all winter in a cold storage, replant in the ground the next spring, and let the leafy green tops send out a flowers which will turn to seeds! That’s why most people go to the garden centre to get fresh seed every spring.

5. The world’s longest carrot ever recorded was 5.839 metre's and was grown in the United Kingdom 

6. The world’s heaviest carrot weighed 8.44 kg (18.6 lbs) and was grown in the United States 

7. The average American eats 6.17 kg (13.6 pounds) of carrots in a year 

8. If babies have a diet high in pureed carrots (baby food) they often develop orange skin from the carotene, which disappears when they decrease their carrot intake!

9. Excellent source of vitamin A (beta-carotene) which promotes good vision. 

10. Beta-carotene also acts as an antioxidant, which can help to keep the heart healthy. 

11. Carrots are usually orange, but can also be white, yellow, red, or purple. 

12. Carrots were grown thousands of years ago in Asia and Middle Eastern countries (purple carrots).

13. Carrots became popular in the 1800's, and were the first vegetable to be canned.

14. “Baby carrots” from the store are actually big carrots washed and cut into smaller pieces.

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