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WOUNDS (lacerated, incised or punctured wounds)

WOUNDS (lacerated, incised or punctured wounds)
Punctured Wound
A laceration is caused by a heavy object rubbing against the skin roughly leaving an uneven cut; whereas an incision is caused by a sharp object like a knife. A punctured wound is caused by an object that pierces the skin resulting in a gaping, open and bleeding wound. With deeper cuts and lacerations there is damage to the underlying structures like the nerves, tendons, veins or the arteries and an immediate medical intervention is necessary. In cases where there is spurting of blood, there is a possibility of it being an arterial laceration and these are considered as medical emergencies and in cases where there is a steady oozing of blood, it is the laceration of a vein and is easily managed by applying pressure over the part.

The first thing to be done is wash the part thoroughly with soap and water. Then control the bleeding site by applying pressure on the part and in cases of spurting of blood from the wound, tie a cloth very tightly around the limb above the wound in the direction of the heart to stop the bleeding. Elevate the wounded part and sit comfortably. Apply ice or cold water around the area to control the bleeding and in cases where there is a lot of swelling around the wound, you can apply hot fomentation if comfortable.


1. Tender leaves of Pipal tree are applied as a dressing over the wound or finely powdered root bark is dusted over the wound.

2. A mixture of garlic juice and water is used to clean the wound. Garlic made into a paste is a useful application for a wound that is producing a lot of pus.

3. Paste of leaves of holy  basil (tulsi) is applied to check the bleeding and promote healing.

4. Pure honey is applied locally as an ointment for wounds and ulcers.

5. Potato pulp forms a wonderful dressing for sores and septic wounds. Renew the dressing every six to eight hours.

6. The juice of pumpkin when applied externally helps to heal the wound fast.

7.  A few drops of the fluid extract of the herb Marigold when added to a cupful of cold water makes an excellent dressing for any injury. The petals moistened with some warm water also forms an excellent local application.

8. Slices of onions fried in ghee can be applied as hot as can be tolerated and comfortable for the person.

9. The seeds, bark and leaves of mango tree when charred and applied bring about haemostasis.

10. Oil of Pine is a good remedy when applied locally over the wound, especially in cases of wounds that don't heal for a long time.

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