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Hair removal Methods

Hair removal Methods
Hair removal has been around for centuries, perhaps, some contend, since the dawn of humankind. Tools once thought to be used for scraping fur from animal skins were discovered to contain human hair and are now believed to have been used as crude razors for shaving the face 20,000 years ago. Threading and sugaring, both ancient methods used in the Middle East, are still used today. Ancient Egyptians waxed hair off with beeswax and sported clean, shaven faces as status symbols. Ancient Sumerians and Romans tweezed eyebrows and facial hair. In the modern United States, people continue to develop and improve hair-removal methods for home use, whether through improved shaving tools, depilatories, or home-waxing products.

Before choosing a method it may be a good idea to at least know what the options are.  Here is a list of the various methods for hair removal.
Summary of Hair Removal Methods 

Shaving: This is the most common, it’s the cheapest and it’s the one that has the least amount of lasting effects.  Most people that shave must shave every day and sometimes twice depending on their tolerance and speed of re-growth.  Whether with an electric razor or blade –we will not distinguish here.

Creams: A common product like Nair on the body (never on the face) can remove hair for a longer period than shaving.  The creams penetrate further into the hair follicle and remove all of the hair where shaving does not.  There are also prescription creams that can be used on the face but seems like a lot of effort and cost so we won’t address those in this guide just wanted to acknowledge that they exist.

Epilators: There are many epilators on the market - these are electric devices that rip the hair from the root.  They hurt, but they are as good as waxing.  So they can last for 4-6 weeks before you experience re-growth.

Waxing: This is the process of spreading hot wax on your body and then taking strips to place on top of the wax that then adheres to the hair and to the strip. Then you pull the strip removing the wax and hair from your skin. This can hurt

Home Laser: These are temporary devices contrary to what the infomercials may tell you.   They are epensive and the laser does have a life to it so eventually it will have to be replaced. They basically accomplish the same results as Epilators and waxing

Tweezing: Yes people tweeze.  This is more commonly done on brows.  There is no difference in threading and tweezing.  It’s just a technique.  They both are effective. Some people do tweeze their body or face for a stray hair here or there.

Professional Laser: This is using one of the many laser methods at a clinic.  This has some lasting effects but does not permanently remove hair.

Electrolysis: Permanently removes hair if there are the right techniques and the right number of treatments employed.

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