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Healthy Tips By Us!

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A 'stye' is a small, painful, red boil or abscess, which is the result of an inflamed and infected hair follicle or an infection of one or more of the sebaceous glands lining the edge of the eyelid. This condition can occur by itself or it can be associated with inflammation of the conjunctiva or the iris. The staphylococcus organism is the one of the most common causative factors for this condition.  

Plucking the infected eyelash or applying warm, moist compresses usually helps to break open the stye and drain out the pus. Avoid applying any eye makeup since that will hamper the healing process. The patient should give proper rest to his eyes and not remain awake for long at night. He should avoid reading and straining his eyes too much. 


1. Take a lot of fresh juicy fruits and raw  or  lightly cooked green vegetables and some nuts and dry fruits like walnuts, dates, raisins, figs (anjeer), etc.

2. Soak a few almonds overnight and then the next morning grind it into a paste and take this regularly after meals for a few days.

3. Adding a few drops of rose water in the eye proves to be soothing.

4. Make a poultice of black tea and place it moist over the eye especially at night on going off to sleep.

5. Applying a paste made from cloves (lavang) over the stye helps.

6. A paste made from red sandalwood known as raktachandan when applied locally over the stye, acts as an astringent and has a cooling effect.

7. A paste made from red lead (sindoor) moistened with water should be applied locally on the stye.

8. Aloe Vera gel can be applied to the stye several times daily.

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