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Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil

Health Benefits of Red Palm Oil

The health benefits of olive oil have been touted for many hundreds of years. More recently, coconut oil has become all the rage and hailed by many as the king of oils. But, whatever oil you choose - whether it’s olive, coconut, almond, canola, peanut, safflower, walnut, or even avocado oil - none compare to the powerful nutritional virtues of virgin organic red palm fruit oil.

The health benefits of red palm fruit oil can be achieved by incorporating only 1-2 tablespoons into your daily diet.

Red Palm Fruit Oil vs. Palm Kernel Oil
Regarded as a sacred healing food by many civilizations, including the ancient Egyptians, crude or virgin red palm fruit oil should be regarded as one of the most nutritious edible oils in the world. It is not to be confused with palm kernel oil .

It is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis guineensis) and is referred to as "red palm oil" because of its rich dark red color in its unprocessed natural  state. Palm kernel oil is derived from the seed or the kernel.

Power-Packed Contents  

Red palm oil’s health promoting properties are largely attributed to its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory contents. Red palm oil is a rich source of tocotrienol, a powerful form of vitamin E,  lycopene and carotenoids, the latter being responsible for the oil’s distinctive red color in its unprocessed state.

Red palm oil has great science behind it for its beneficial role in fighting heart disease and high cholesterol.

Red palm oil has repeatedly stunned researchers with its heart-protective and cholesterol-lowering properties.  Studies have shown that adding palm oil in the diet can reduce plaque build-up in arteries and, therefore, reverse the process of plaque and prevent blockages formation within blood vessel walls. Science now understands that inflammation in the artery lining is what causes cholesterol to deposit in the first place. So, it makes sense that the protective effects come from the high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory content of the red palm oil which works to quench free radicals and keep inflammation under control.  Apart from helping tear away plaque from blood vessel walls, red palm oil also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and
cholesterol levels.

Brain Health
One of the natural vitamin E forms found in high amounts in red palm oil is known for its neuro-protective properties. When it comes to your brain,  the special form of vitamin-E (tocotrienol) in red palm oil stops destructive damage and improves blood flow to brain cells, which can also help to prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Anti-Cancer Food 
The high antioxidant content of red palm oil makes it a potent anti-cancer food. Though  tocotrienols can be found in rice bran, barley and wheat, red palm oil is the richest source of  tocotrienol. Research suggests that this form of vitamin E may help fight skin, stomach, pancreas, liver, lung, colon, prostate, breast, and other

The  antioxidant power of red palm oil can be of help in protecting against a variety of health  problems, including osteoporosis, asthma, cataracts, macular degeneration, arthritis, and liver disease. It can even slow down the premature aging processes by protecting the skin against damaging UV rays.

Additionally, research has shown that red palm oil promotes  nutrient utilization, improves liver detoxification pathways and improves immune function. 

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