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Insect bites rarely require medical intervention, except in cases where the bite can be poisonous or where the person reacts immediately to the insect bite and goes into an anaphylactic shock. Usually only minor complaints like swelling, itching, redness, mild pain and slight nausea may occur.

First of all wash the insect bite thoroughly with soap and cool water and try not to scratch the part as this can cause them to become infected. In cases where the swelling and itching is intense a local application of ice every few minutes helps to decrease the inflammation. It is necessary to see a doctor immediately in cases where the bite becomes infected with some pus oozing out or when the patient suddenly develops symptoms like breathing trouble, rash all over the body or if you feel faint.


1. Holy basil leaf (tulsi) juice diluted in water is given to drink to the person and also apply the fresh tulsi juice on the spot of the sting or bite.

2. To relieve the itching, dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water, soak a piece of cloth in the solution and bathe the bites.

3. Apply garlic juice externally over the affected part.

4. In cases of a huge swelling of the part due to the insect sting or bite apply a warm paste made by mixing dry ginger and curd.

5. Place a piece of raw apple on the bite.

6. Fresh leaves of Plantain tree when rubbed on the insect stings and bites afford instant relief.

7. Rubbing fenugreek (methi) powder or a piece of raw onion or onion juice or a lime slice over the bite or sting is supposed to remove the harmful effect of the poison.

8. Taking an oatmeal bath in lukewarm water helps to relieve the itching and the swelling.

9. In cases of bee sting, first remove the honeybee stinger and put an ice cube on the sting site. Salt water is applied over the stings. Apply a paste made from baking soda and water over the site. In cases of stings in the mouth  or  the throat, let the patient swallow some salt water or rinse and gargle with it and then suck on some ice.

10.In case of wasp stings that are alkaline, apply vinegar or lemon juice over the bite to neutralize it. Also application of salt water over the bite helps.

11. In cases of mosquito bites that are very painful, apply lemon juice.

12. In case of rat bites, holy basil leaf (tulsi) juice or the juice of Margosa leaves (Neem) is an effective remedy  or apply a mixture  of juice of radish and coconut.

13. In cases of a spider bite, chew a tablespoonful of tiny coconut pieces. The digestive juices that are secreted by the system tend to assimilate any poison that gets into the system.

14. In cases of a scorpion sting, the application of fresh milky juice from an unripe papaya fruit brings instant relief or a thick paste of tamarind (imli) seeds is applied over the sting or apply onion juice to soothe the irritation  or  apply paste made from powdered cumin seeds (jeera), ghee, salt and honey for quick relief.

15. In cases of a snake bite that is not poisonous, rub some salt into the wound. In cases where the bite is poisonous, tie a ribbon, rope or some cloth tightly around the limb, two inches above the bite, to prevent the blood with the poison from going to the heart, and leave it as long as the patient can bear it. Along with a sterilized knife or blade make a cut at the site of bite to let the poison flow out along with the blood. Apply hot iron or coals as close to the wound as the patient can bear. Smear oil, ghee, soap or saliva around the wound for three  or  four inches, and when absorbed, renew it. Whatever is oozing from the wound should be wiped away carefully. Then rub some salt or cigar ashes  or wood ashes onto the wound. Internally some salt water and garlic should be given to the patient. If the patient doesn't get better, give half a teaspoonful of wine  or brandy every two to three minutes, until the symptoms improve.

16. Copper sulphate, which is commonly available in the market, is applied over an insect sting to remove the poisonous effect.

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