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Healthy Tips By Us!
Healthy Tips By Us!

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'Conjunctivitis' (or pinkeye) is a term used to signify an inflammation of the conjunctiva (a thin membrane covering the white part of the eye) resulting in red, itchy, watery eyes and is also accompanied by a yellowish, crusty discharge. The common causes are entry of some foreign body into the eye like dust or some polluting factors; or an infection resulting from some bacteria or viruses; or some kind of allergy.  It can spread by hand-to-hand contact and so it can be contagious. Also remove the contact lenses once you feel that you have an irritation in the eye since it could aggravate the condition. Wear glasses instead of the lens. Applying a cold compress over the eyes is very soothing and also decreases the irritation in the eyes. In cases where there is some discharge oozing from the eyes make it a point to wash or wipe the eyes with a wet cloth every few hours. The crusty, sticky margins can be cleaned by dipping a cottonball in a solution made by dissolving a quarter teaspoonful of salt in a tablespoonful of warm water and rub it along the eyelash.


1. Food items rich in Vitamin A (like carrots, green leafy vegetables, mangoes, milk and milk products, papayas, pumpkin, tomatoes, etc.) and Vitamin B2 (almonds, bananas, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, milk, tomatoes, etc.) should be taken in more quantities. Avoid excessive intake of starchy and sugary foods.

2. Drink a glass of lemon juice before breakfast. Also instilling a few drops of limejuice in the eye is useful.

3. Placing a thin slice of raw cucumber  or  raw potato over the eyelids proves to be soothing.

4. A drop  or  two of honey is poured into the inflamed eyes to give immediate relief.

5. Drinking a glass of carrot and spinach (palak) juice in equal quantities daily is useful for the eyes.

6. Apply a cloth-wrapped poultice of warm, cooked apples over the eyelids.

7. A decoction made from coriander seeds (dhania) in water is useful to relieve the burning pain and swelling of conjunctivitis.

8. Applying compresses of moistened, cold tea bags proves to be useful.

9. The juice of Indian gooseberry (amla) mixed with honey is useful when taken twice daily.

10. A decoction of turmeric is cooling to the eyes and so is used as eyewash or as a compress over the eyes.

11. Clear coconut water is a useful eyewash because of its nutritive, non-irritant and soothing effect.

12. For soothing eyewash, stir a quarter teaspoon of baking soda or honey in half a cup of water.

13. An infusion is made from the herb Eyebright and taken in small glassful doses thrice daily.

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