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Healthy Tips By Us!

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The gradual loss of transparency of the lens of the eye, resulting in cloudy or distorted vision (because of blockage of the passage of light through it) due to lack of proper nourishment to the lens, optic nerves and muscles is termed as "cataract". Cataracts are usually common in the elderly but can also occur in newborn babies as a result of some infection. Other causes of cataract are stress and strain; excessive intake of alcoholic drinks, sugar and salt; dietetic errors; smoking; certain physical ailments like gastro-intestinal or gall-bladder disturbances; diabetes; vitamin deficiencies; fatty acid intolerance; aging; radiation; side-effects of drugs like steroids; etc. The first sign that the patient comes with is of blurred vision, which is better in twilight and worse in full daylight. As the disease progresses, the patient may complain of double vision, spots  in the area of vision or both. In advanced stages, objects and persons may appear as mere blobs of light and there is a grayish-white discoloration in the pupil. Avoid exposure to excessive heat and sun.


1. The patient is advised to  include the following items in daily diet -rice, wheat, moong dal, banana (both ripe and green), methi, spinach (palak), patola, drumsticks (saijan ki phalli), ladyfingers, grapes, pomegranate (anar), apples and oranges. Pungent, bitter, sour and salty food preparations should be avoided. Do not use sea-salt; use only rock salt and that too in small quantities. Cow's ghee, milk and butter in limited amounts are useful. Potatoes (especially if boiled), white bread, cream, refined cereals, alcoholic drinks, strong tea or coffee, pickles and sauces should be avoided.

2. Taking a lot of fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits like oranges, grapes and lemons) and vegetables (like carrots, broccoli) help in providing the necessary vitamins, which prove to be useful.

3. Increase your intake of Vitamin E (found in vegetable oils, wheat germ and nuts); beta-carotene (found in yellow, orange and green leafy vegetables) and selenium (found in whole-grain cereals, brown rice and oatmeal).

4. In the initial stages, when the cataract starts developing, use juice of lemon as an eye drop twice a day for several days.

5. A mixture of carrot and beetroot juice, taken twice daily, is an efficacious remedy for cataract.

6. Garlic cloves if chewed raw daily can clear the crystalline lens of the eye.

7. A few drops of pure unprocessed honey if taken orally or if put in the eye tends to be useful.

8. Spread the peeled, grated raw potato between pieces of gauze and place it over the eyelid for an hour or more each day.

9. Place two drops of linseed oil or cod liver oil in the affected eye each night.

10. Take about seven to eight kernels of almonds and ground it into a powder along with half a gram of black pepper in half a cup of water and add a teaspoonful of sugar to it. This drink will help regain the vision to some extent.

11. An equal quantity of aniseed (saunf)and coriander powder is mixed with one teaspoonful of brown sugar and taken twice daily to improve vision.

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